Pictures from my 2004 BWCAW trip

These were all taken during my 2004 BWCAW trip, which was at the Snake River entry point (map) and covered the Snake river, Bald Eagle lake, Gabbro lake, and Turtle lake.
Most of these are scenery pictures because that's what I like to shoot, you can click each thumbnail for a larger version.

Miscellaneous scenes from our trip...

I didn't think the sunsets were as nice as they've been in the past, but I did get a nice picture of another canoe going by.

I didn't see it at the time, but my longer exposures were able to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis. These images have had their contrast increased to make the faint streaks stand out better.

As always we met a few locals. A squirrel even took a liking to my bar of soap and managed to grab it and dash up a tree. After nibbling a bit he left it behind and we were able to throw up a stick to dislodge it. I also caught a few mosquitoes in flash mid-flight as I was trying to take a picture at sunset.

This is a good time for a public service announcement.
Nothing annoys me more than seeing cigarette butts in the wilderness.
Come on people, John shouldn't have to pack out your garbage.

Once again this year I managed to go with someone who could be suckered into doing all of the hard work while I goofed off with my camera. Thanks John.

Since I fancy myself as something of a photographer I had to take a few pictures of flowers along the way...

I've always loved birch trees, even if they do fill my gutters with sticks and seeds. Here are a few images taken with the aid of a setting sun.

Near our latrine I noticed two trees intertwined and took a few minutes to document their slow dance.

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