Pictures from my 2012 BWCAW trip

Since I did even less planning than normal for this trip one of the few entry points available was at Angleworm Lake - which is beautiful but is at the far end of a 716 rod (2.3 mile) portage.

After a couple more short portages I found a good campsite. Like many areas in the BWCAW there was only an inch or so of soil over the rock, so my tent had to be secured to nearby rocks and logs. Speaking of which: I love my Northface Roadrunner 33 tent, it's big enough to be useful, light enough to backpack with anyplace, and I can set it up in the dark in only a couple minutes.

In spite of not leaving a very clean campsite the previous occupants had build a cleaver little enclosed pool to store the fish they'd caught.

Speaking wildlife the only company I had on the lake were a family of loons and little fish who nibbled my toes when I was wading.

There was also a number of dragonflys, including one that somehow ened up in the water and quickly became frog food.

Since I was by myself I didn't have a whole lot of time for scenery pictures, but I did manage to get a couple nice sunset pictures... notice the clever thing I was trying to do in the last picture.

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