Anthony's list of Internet Accessible Machines

Update: As of late 2000 I'm no longer maintaining this list - thanks for all the notes and links... and keep hacking!


I've attempted to list mainly devices that (probably) took a significant investment of time, ingenuity, and talent (or a bunch of money I suppose) from their creators. I'm deliberately leaving out many camera sites because they are fairly easy to do these days...

Vending Machines
Temperature Sensors / Weather Monitors
Tele-operated Machinery
Equipment Status Reports
Cameras and Video
Other Cool Machines
Web Software
Other Related Lists
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Vending Machines

The Switzerland Coke Machine
Caltech's Lloyd Coke Machine
Columbia University's Coke Machine
-- Home Page
-- finger interface
Columbia University's Pepsi Machine
-- Home Page
-- finger interface
University of Western Australia
-- Home Page
-- Finger Interface
-- Also avalible: Door Sensors
Rochester Institute of Technology Drink Machine
-- Home Page
-- Finger Interface
-- Project FAQ
Carnegie Mellon University's Coke Machine
-- graphical interface

Temperature Sensors and Weather Monitors

DSU Weather-Link
University of Colorado at Boulder
The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
-- Foothills Lab Current Weather
-- Research Data Program Machine Room Weather
Bradford Telescope Weather
-- Updated once per day
Weather in Stockholm, Sweden
The Thermal Modeling and Analysis Project (TMAP)
Realtime TOGA-TAO Buoy Data Access
The University of Tromso
-- Amherst, Nova Scotia
-- Churchill Falls, Newfoundland
-- Corner Brook, Newfoundland
-- Mary's Harbour, Newfoundland
-- Port-Aux-Basques, Newfoundland
The REINAS Project
Buzbee Bat House Temperature Plot
Todays Space Weather
Current weather at the Cambridge Olivetti Research Building
Local Weather at UNITEC

Tele-Operated Devices

University of Southern California's Robotic Tele-Excavation
-- No longer online, but lots of cool stuff remains
The University of Western Australia's Robotics and Automation Laboratory
Bradford Robotic Telescope
Robotics Internet Resources Page
Talk to some Cat via an Arexx Gateway
Talk to some Guy
Automatic Talking Machine
Interactive Model Railroad
UC Santa Barbara Remotely Operated Telescope
Dragnet's Alpha Pager
The Tele-Garden
Mechanical Gaze
Netscape Engineering Sign
-- The SignCam
City Of Night BBS Live Telerobotic Camera
Light up the World!
Mike and Anthony's Wired Room
-- Your author's former room. :-)
Page Michael Lockwood
Zaza the Autonomous Robot

Equipment Status Reports

Paul Haas's hottub and it's current status
-- You can also check up on his refrigerator.
-- And wave to his cats
University of Waterloo Computer Science Club
-- Office Door and Light Status
-- Current Sounds in Office
-- See what CD is currently playing
Erik Nygren's CD Player
-- A ship operated by Oregon State University.
-- The ship also has a finger interface.
Brian Gottlieb's Mouse Statistics
Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS)
CD player at Notre Dame
UNRSL Helicorder Camera
Networked CD Player
Radio Data System WWW interface
Where is Fatso the Cat?
Alex's Doorbell
The Smart Beverage Dispenser
Status of Chris Bergeron's home

Cameras and Video (Indoor)

The Amazing Fish Cam!
-- Continuously Refreshing Fishcam Page
Room Omicron 507, Keio University (Peep Hole on the Internet)
Spy on CICA various employees
Trojan room Coffee Machine at Cambridge
Iguana Images Internet Remote Video
GVU Animation Lab at Georgia Tech
The Chicago Animate Agent Labcam
The Sydney University Cappuccino Machine
Studio 2000
Steve's Ant Farm
Delft University Room F136
Wearable Wireless Webcam
Office Video Snapshots at Netsys
Computer and Telecommunications Support Team Office at Goucher College
Biophysics Lab at University of Windsor, Ontario
The Feet Cam
Alex the Welsh Terrier
Snapshots from the UMBC Computer Science Department
The Amazing BullCreek Cam!
The Astounding Cave-Cam
VTV Webcam
The Energy computer room
What's Liem Watching?
The FogCam
Dave's MAC TV
ACS Video Cameras
Berkeley Systems Kitchen Cam
UI Computer Science Department Lab B-13
Godby High School Internet Resource Center
What is JK doing now?
The Janna Cam
Our Coffee Mess
Fisheye View Cam
The Window Cam

Cameras and Video (Outdoor)

Looking South-Southwest from Bill Thibault's Office Window
San Diego BayCam
Texas A&M WebCam+ Page
-- 1994 Bonfire Page
A panorama image at Cambridge
The Needle Cam
The CanyonCam
Hawaiian Eye
The DomeCam
The IslandCam
Sydney Harbour
Montana Sky and Sunset Cams
SlugVideo Camera at The Dream Inn
The Spectrum CityCam
Santa Monica Beachcam
USC TommyCam
Mawson Station Webcam, Antarctica
University of Washington Campus
Tampa Cam
Outdoor Cams in Japan
Rockefeller Center
Erdman Video Systems
Pikes Peak Cam
O'Connell Bridge in Dublin
NBC12's Live Skycam
Almaden CattleCam
Mount Rushmore Web Cam

Other Cool Stuff

Cambridge University Active Badge
Southern California Traffic Report
Seattle Area Traffic
Recent Global Earthquake Information
Houston Area Traffic Report
Directorate of Time
San Diego Real-time Traffic Report
The VAXbar

Web Software

Interactive Frog Dissection
Xerox's World Map Viewer
World-Wide Earthquake Locator
Xearth Front End
Pittsburgh Map Database
Web Puzzler
Subway Navigator
Mandelbrot zoom
Barcode Server

Other Resources

Interesting Devices Connected to the Net (Yahoo)
bsy's List of Internet Accessible Machines
bsy's List of Internet Accessible Coke Machines
Mark's list of Internet Interactivity
The Web Voyeur
Interactive Web Games (Yahoo)
The World Right Now
Connect to a Randon Web Camera
Peeping Tom
Live Shots on the Web
Robotics-Related Web Servers

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