Pictures from our 2002 New York City vacation

Pictures of Ground Zero - at the time of these pictures the cleanup was finished and crews were working to repair the Subway and Path Train links.

We spent several hours at Ellis Island. I'd recommend spending a few extra dollars for the audio tour.

This is a composite of several photographs I took of the registry room at Ellis Island.

Of course no photo album of NYC is complete without a few pictures of the statue of liberty...

We spent some time at the The American Museum of Natural History, which was awesome.

The museum had a number of wonderful three-dimensional representations of animals in their natural habitats.
The foreground was a taxidermy representation of the animal and their habitat that blended perfectly into a three-dimensional painted background.

These are miscellaneous street scenes and pictures taken in central park.

This is a composite of several photographs taken of lower and central Manhattan from the piers in Jersey City. Last Updated 12.28.2002 - anthony