Pictures from my 2010 Olympic National Park Trip

Our main hike on this trip was from Toleak Park to the Hoh River in the South Wilderness Coast. Hiking down the coast while avoiding the tides and piles of sea weed were new experiences. Other than a few sea gulls and a slug we didn't see any wildlife to speak of.

South Wilderness Coast Panorama

Several places had ladders to get over the cliffs between sections of beach.

One issue with beach hiking and camping is that our gear and tent got quite full of fine sand and water. Fortunately we'd planned a break in between hikes that we could use to clean up and dry out and with a few modifications the hotel's HVAC system served us well.

Our secondary hike during this trip was the Big Beaver Trail located above the Ross Lake Dam. It was beautiful and thankfully uneventful, but once again the only wildlife we saw were a few fish and a couple slugs.

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