Tour de Kota 2006 Pictures
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For the 2006 Tour de Kota I mounted a camera to the front of my bike and had it setup to take a picture every 10 minutes. With the help of a little computer magic and a fast Internet connection you can experience all 460 miles of the tour in just under three minutes. If your Internet connection isn't particularly fast you can try the manual version, or be satisfied with the still shots below.
Information on the BikeCam's creation can be found here.

This year a Maui Shower truck followed the tour. Its essentially a semi with a dozen built-in showers, and although they were limited to 5 minutes they brought welcome relief from a day of sweat, dust, and occasionally blood.

Speaking of which, here's an important piece of advice for riders: Pay close attention to traffic timing so you don't have to choose between swerving in front of a car and hitting a train track at a bad angle... especially when you've got another 4 hours of riding left to do that day. Fortunately the damage was only superficial and we were on our way a few minutes later, although I was later wishing I hadn't spilled half of one water bottle in the middle of that road.

Of course no photo page would be complete without the obligatory posed group shots.

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