Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter 2006 Calendar
Cover and Logo

In 2005 as a fundraiser the Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter decided to publish a 2006 calendar featuring animals adopted through the shelter. As the guy who has photographed most of the 2500 animals that have come through our door the project was a fun excuse to sift through the 10,000+ images that make up my shelter database.

Although I would have included lots more cat pictures the 50-50 split worked out well, although I did manage to get the most beautiful kitty on the cover - my Josie. The calendar turned out great and was popular among volunteers and visitors to the shelter, but it wasn't the great fund raiser we had hoped for so the project was discontinued after one year.

Here are a few of the pictures I took that ended up in the calendar:

The calendar was designed by Sandra Martin and produced by Show Off Sales.
The calendar was printed by Carlson Craft Business Solutions.

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