Mike and Anthony's Wired Room


The Wired Room is no more.

Mike and Anthony have both graduated, and even Saturn.dsu.edu has moved on to bigger and better things (currently serving as a doorstop at Anthony's house.)
Mike: mike@bitzfamily.com
Anthony: ant@anderbergfamily.net

We've left some bits and pieces of the room behind in these pages so that people can get an idea of what the Wired Room was all about. Note that (obviously) none of the scripts and readings are functional, and that writing Anthony complaining about this fact will get you nowhere.

We'd like to thank everyone at DSU for their support, without which the Wired Room would not have been possible.

Thanks for everything!
Mike and Anthony
- June 1996

General information (No longer updated)

Our door is currently closed.
The temperature in our room is 72.3 degrees.
Our lights are on.
Anthony's computer is on.
Mike's computer is off.

Anthony has 8 pairs of socks in his drawer.
Mike has 10 pairs of socks in his drawer.

Blow on us! (no longer functional)

Duration of air flow:

Leave us a message! (no longer functional)

Note: if you would like a response, don't forget to include your e-mail address

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